Reason Why Russia Won Against Saudi Arabia, The Hot Russian Footballers Wives As Support

It is much easier to play this way, isn’t it?

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FIFA 2018 World Cup hosts Russia might not exactly be the tournament favorites, but they can definitely expect strong home support says RT. Russian players have amazing support from their fans, but also more importantly the player’s wives will also attend matches to cheer on the team. Support from the fans is often an inseparable aspect of sporting victories, broken records and unbelievable comebacks. It can also bring a major advantage from home teams over their rivals, with a huge army of devoted fans able to push their team forward.

Along with thousands of Russian football fans who will turn out to back the national team this summer, the World Cup hosts will have a personal cheerleading group in the stands comprised of their family members. RT Sport takes a look at the wives of Russian players who will be encouraging their husbands to do the country proud at football’s biggest spectacle this summer reports RussiaToday


Russia and Zenit St. Petersburg midfielder Yuri Zhirkov met his future wife Inna at a friend’s party in 2007, and proposed a year later, in 2008. That same year, Inna gave birth to their first child – Dmitry


Veronika Erokhina is the wife of Russia and Zenit St. Petersburg midfielder Alexander Erokhin, who was included in the country’s preliminary squad for the 2018 World Cup.


The wife of Rubin Kazan defender Fedor Kydryashov, Anastasia is a regular visitor to football stadiums, as she always supports her husband, who is set to line up in Russia’s starting 11 at the World Cup.

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