Russia 2077: Welcome To The Surreal Russian Future by Evgeny Zubkov

The incredible imaginary mixture of present and future Russia…

Photo: Evgeny Zubkov |

Imagining future is always fun, but most people do it in a dull and unrealistic way. Co-founder of MXD art project, Evgeny Zubkov published a series of artworks titled “Russia 2077”. Unlike all others who imagine future as if everything is completely rebuilt and looking all futuristic, Evgeny actually shows a more realistic way how our future might look, or at least his future in Russia. “Russia 2077” is a project, that is a parallel reality, where augmented images of modern technologies blend into ordinary landscapes and everyday life of rural Russia. More info: vkbehance

You’ll notice that much hasn’t changed, the smart life-changing gadgets are here from flying cars, to robo-hand gadgets or even robo-pets. In its essence everything is still the same though, Dedushka filling his buckets with water, people visiting doctors or you riding to work with public transport…all stayed the same, different, but still same…

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