Russian Guy Parked His Car On a Spot Cleaned of Snow, Guy Who Cleaned It Didn’t Take It Well

You don’t take the parking spots that were cleaned of snow, never

qimono (CC0), Pixabay

Winter is here and so it gets harder to get a good parking spot. You know that feel when you clean the snow in front of your building and some other cyka just comes in and takes it while you are gone? Well there are fun ways to make others don’t take you parking spot.

This genius Slav Scientist from City of Sarov in Russia had enough and decided to show the parking invader how they deal with their kind in Sarov. He started his jeep, hooked the little bad Lada onto it and pulled it over up in the hill.

We bet this little Lada will never take that parking spot again, if it survived to get off from the hill in one peace.

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