Russian Man Arrives In Hospital With Knife In His Back, But He Walks Out On A Cigarette

One man, with a knife in his back and dressed only in his underwear, was taken out of the hospital in the Kazan state hospital to burn a cigarette, DailyMail reports.

The patient, thirty-four-year-old Vladimir, bleeds from a wound on the back, but does not give up in his desire to go out and burn a cigarette. Shocking video of a man barley walking with the wound is his back, yet the will to light a cigarette prevails all pain and danger.

He evidently hoped to get a cigarette from another smoker outside the hospital’s door – but in vain.

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He returned inward only when he was warned that he risks his life and he could die. Tatarstan health officials said that the patient was admitted to the Zelenodolsk regional hospital, that the knife was removed from the surgery and that he was in a stable state.

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