Russian Tuning Specialists Merged A Bentley With Tank Treads, It’s Incredible

Has Slavic Science gone too far?

The tuning specialists from the popular Russian YouTube channel AcademeG have taken a Bentley Continental GT coupe and removed the doors while replacing the wheels with tank-like tracks. They dubbed their creation “Ultratank.” Actually, the modifications go well beyond what we can see. The frame was completely reworked and a solid axle was mounted in the rear to power the tracks via an automatic transmission equipped with a torque converter.

One cool detail is the steering. While the wheel comes straight from a production Continental GT, a unique mechanism was fitted to apply the brakes to the inside track when the car needs to turn. As power continues to flow to the outside track, the car is able to change directions. More: Instagram, Youtube h/t: (guideautoweb)

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