Report: Russians bought over 500,000 baseball bats in one year, but only one ball and one pair of gloves

What is this mysterious sport that Russians play with all these bats?

Gaertringen (CC0), Pixabay

Road rage, bears, hooligans, familiar to anyone? Well the latest report from TASS (Russian news agency) said that in 2014 and 2015 the baseball bat sales bloomed over Russia. In this same period Russian ‘Baseball’ sport has struggled to gain popularity, if any at all. Real reason behind Russian Baseball bat craze is the fact that bats are the most popular cold weapons that are sold as a sport equipment (non-lethal).

They bought over 500,000 baseball bats and only purchased one single pair of baseball gloves and just one ball, meaning that only 1 Russian bought it for an actual sport, while 499,999 Russians got their baseball bats for some different type of sport. This different sport is most commonly the one where you resolve any traffic jam problems with your bat, you know stuff like “someone makes a bump on your car” or “makes a bad look at you during driving” etc.

‘Road conflicts with drivers using weapons, bats and knives have become more frequent.’

Viktor Kovalenko, Moscow police 

“The game is not popular in the country. One hardly knows where to play baseball in Russia,” Kovalenko said, to TASS reporter.

So do you have a baseball bat? 

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