Sculptor From Bosnia Makes Amazing Artwork Out of Pencil Tips

Jasenko Đorđević is another talent that comes from Bosnia and to back that up his numerous awards are the proof of that. He has an unique skill, it is his ability to turn tiny pencil tips into amazing pieces of art that come in many motives from culture to locations. In doing this amazing skill he uses X-Axto knife and starts to create fabulous and mind-provoking miniature art that speaks for it self. In his work Đorđević has some favorite materials while his most valuable material is graphite. [divider style=”normal” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]

This 32-year-old creative man depicts from landscapes to animals or even popular fictional characters like Batman. In other words all he needs to make art is just a inch of material!

We hope he will expand his art and business into creating miniature Bosnian art that will promote the country and introduce it’s colorful culture to the wide world thought his art.

Also it’s worth to mention he appied to Guinness World Record with his origami tiny paper however was denied due to there not being a category in that.

If you wish to contact this artists this is his Facebook Page: TOLDart

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