Serbian Photographer Brings Slavic Goddesses Vesna And Lada Back From Ancient History to Life

Slavic mythology is the source of awesome inspiration for this photo set

Another set of awesome photography featuring the never-boring Slavic Mythology comes right out of Serbia by renown photographer Marko Stamatovic. He has lately focused on Slavic mythology and motifs in his photography because he recognized this aspect of Slavic culture is not promoted enough in our modern world, we agree because Slavorum was also started thanks to similar thinking.

Slavic mythology is very interesting, and very little exploited by visual artists and photographers. Each of these stories carries me a certain amount of mysticism and tradition, which is the main reason for my love for them. Each character has a special line and is very interesting for illustration. But if we are about a favorite topic from Slovenian mythology, these are stories about the creation of the world and the universe. A very interesting view of things.

He finished last two sets featuring Slavic goddesses Lada (Summer) and Vesna (Spring). He has been on some very beautiful places to shoot, like Devils Town and Grza National park of nature.

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