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Croatian Man Filled Bottles With Snakes To Make Rakija Out Of Them, Claims They Have Medical Benefits

Animal rights groups pulling their hairs out on mentions of Snake Rakija


Don’t you just love Rakija? Well it happens most of adult Slavic people also love their Bimber drinks. Actually they like them so much they are ready to make them out of anything. Miroslav Zakarija from Vinjana Donji in Croatia sees himself as a major expert in Rakija production, so he started to work on some animal favors.

He decided to put snakes in plastic bottles to produce a unique new favor, but some animal and nature lovers didn’t take it so easy reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

“For some people the snake is a repulsive and dangerous animal. But we also need to know that the hips are an animal species protected and as such it is our natural good and we must not kill it” – Animal lover said.

Snake flavored alcoholic beverages are nothing new.

It is a well known practice in some Asian countries that have a tradition to make such drinks.

Since these snakes are a protected species, nature lovers were not the happy when they heard of Miroslav’s hobby. They launched the initiative and the State Institute for Nature Protection was sent to investigate the case.

They later took away four dead snakes from Miroslav, they were passed on to a company that handles such animal waste. Miroslav however defends his position by claiming this combination of bimber and snake poison is an actual medical potion.

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