Serbian Photographer Creates Beautiful Scenes of ‘Slavic Mythology’ Tales That Will Blow You Away

Slavic mythology as you never seen it before

Slavic mythology is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, this has been proven again and again by various photographers. This time you will see an amazing work of Marko Stamatović from Serbia. His images have been made with great care as he and his studio made all the costumes themselves, traveled to Kopaonik Mountain just to get that perfect shot.

”Long, long ago, in a certain tsardom there lived an old man and an old woman and their daughter Vasilisa. They had only a small hut for a home, but their life was a peaceful and happy one. However, even the brightest of skies may become overcast, and misfortune stepped over their threshold at last…”

The costumes and all their details are entirely created from natural materials. Whole costumes were covered with natural maple leaves in various stages of fall color change. What helped the photo shoot too was the angelic beauty of those girls that evoke the true magic of the arrival of autumn. More info: Marko Stamatovic [instagram, facebook]

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