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Lights Turned On In Pripyat 31 Years After ‘Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster’ Thanks To Polish Stalkers

“We proved that if Soviet technology doesn’t fail instantly, it’ll last forever”

Cherobyl disaster is still one of the scariest glimpses in how our future might look, while Pripyat is a radioactive ghost town just outside Chernobyl. The whole area is infamous for the horrible nuclear disaster that happened there in 1986. and as a result a whole city has been permanently evacuated to this day. Disaster junkies popularly called “Stalkers” and other radioactivity enthusiasts flock from all over the world to make their nuclear pilgrimage to Chernobyl. There’s a shuttle from Kiev, frequent official tours, even a hotel you can stay overnight in.

Because of nuclear contamination, it is not allowed to live there, however over 200 older locals still do in spite of radiation. They just kept on going back to their houses until the officials gave up. More info: Facebook, Twitter (h/t: extremetech)

“We wanted to prove that if Soviet technology doesn’t fail instantly, it’ll last forever,” they declared.

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