Slavic amulets for children

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No wonder it is considered that the Slavic amulets -protection was very powerful and reliable in history. Their protective qualities were tested over many centuries: in ancient times parents chose the Slavic amulets for children, providing child with happiness, prosperity and long life. The birth of children and their proper upbringing worthy of procreation in Russia have long been considered the main purpose and the main task of the family. That is why protecting children from evil spirits and powers, as well as any possible misfortune was and remains an important aspect of parenting. The tremendous power of amulets, their ability to influence our destiny and put barriers in the way of evil, inevitably penetrates into every life, used in our days.

Slavic amulets for children that protect against evil influences, illnesses and fatalities. Types of Slavic amulets for children and adults are very diverse. Each ward has a certain sense, represents one or another side of life and performs a protective function. Here are the main types of amulets used in Slavic tradition:


Belts are generally considered strong amulets, as long as they were properly made. For infants as a belt they used red thread that tied on a naked body.

Ornamental embroidery

In Russia, children under three years, wore a shirt with embroidery. The smallest such shirt was laid in the crib. By the way, the very cradle was also painted in ornaments and had garlic hanging over the child to protect them from possible evil eye.


Carved or painted spoons with Slavic symbols were seen to bring prosperity, comfortable life and well-being. A child’s first tooth erupting  was a reason to give it “a spoon for the first tooth”, it was always made of silver.

Slavic symbol-amulets

Main wearable Slavic amulets for children: Radinets , Molvinets , Svarozhich (Rodimich), Lunnitsa , Axe of Perun . Despite the fact that many ancestral charms make in modern conditions is extremely difficult to protect the child from evil with the help of the ancient Slavic magic is still possible – just charms are made with some amendments to the realities of today.

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