Slavic Food That Will Boost Your Immunity

Everybody was slav-flu fighting, they got better as fast as lightning!

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As we all well know, cold and flu season is just around the corner. In all Slavic countries, grandmothers, or should we say – nanas, have the universal cure for cold and flu. Wear your warmest socks, wash your hands, stay away from draft, and eat the right food!

Being sick is pain in the butt for sure, and all these foods mentioned in this article will help you get better in no time! But, bare in mind that the best way to be and stay healthy is prevention, and the best way to stay protected is by boosting up your immune system. These foods are surely some of the best you can consume on daily basis (be light with the last one!), combined with other healthy meals.

Chicken soup


When we are feeling a bit under the weather, or when it’s too late and we are moaning around the house with running nose, the first ultimate superfood is chicken soup. It is scientifically proven that  chicken soup has antibiotic effect to a body, and releases your respiratory tract. It also lifts you up and you will feel energized in no time! No wonder that chicken soup was given newly mothers, right after delivery, also in a form of natural remedy to lift them up and give them strength!



Sauerkraut, or sour cabbage, is also slav superfood, meaning another nanas ammo for them nasty germs! The main trick with sauerkraut is its high dose on vitamin C, which has good effect on our immune system and shortens sickness time! You can eat it on its own, or as a side dish with steak or sausage.



We cannot stress enough the importance of garlic! That little gods-given superfood fights both viruses and bacteria, and gives your food amazing taste! Plenty of Slavs when feeling sick(ish) eat it on its own, but if that’s too much you can put it in almost every dish! The most popular flu-fighting dish sounds to some a bit eew, but older Slavs swear on it, is slice of bread bread with thick layer of lard, sprinkled with red paprika and garlic.



Horseradish is very strong addendum to a dish, and it is often consumed in a dip-like form. It will make your nose run like the river Dunav in flooding season. Other than that, it has high doses of vitamin C. You san prepare it in very simple way, just grate the horseradish, pour soup stock over it, if needed ad some salt, and store it in a jar on cold place!

Tea and honey


Most Slavs drink tea only when they are sick, I guess thats the reason behind teas stigma. But, home made tea with honey is the go to doing when in sick! As long as you drink it warm (not super hot, that is fertile ground for germs!), any tea will do, but we will give you some good ol’ slavic tips! Sage is natural antiseptic, so you can either drink it, or gurgle it, and it will cleanse your throat from all that dung inside. Chamomile tea is more on the relaxing side, it helps you sleep, but also works like a mild painkiller. Rose hip tea is great for boosting your immunity, and is rich with vitamins! Honey serves best at keeping throat moist and bacteria – free!



When you see grandma march out of pantry with this bad boy, you know that you are into some serious getting better! Compote is basically stewed fruit, and the most important thing is that in this process fruit keeps most of its vitamins and nutrients, and its great treat-like drink! The most popular ones are made of apples, pears, and plums, or you can mix various fruit. Also, you can drink it when its warm, and that is most used when in sickness, but when you get better cill it in the fridge and enjoy it as a nice desert! You can also sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top, because cinnamon is also spice often used for flu fighting!



This remedy is probably the most effective one. Although obviously not for children, in older days, grandmas would boil a little bit of schnapps and give a sip or two to children. Of course, children would be out in seconds, but the high antiseptic dose would cleanse their body through sweat when sleeping. But please, for this one, seek advise from experienced Slav on this one!

Leave us comments, and let us know the wisdom from your grandmas, how you fight with cold, and which superfood is your most trusted ally!

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