Spectacular Ukrainian Crowns on Slavic inspired photoshoot look absolutely mesmerizing

Because this photography shoot is unique as it gets and you will love it

Ukraine – Every once in a while we get do discover some pretty amazing Slavic photography teams that create absolutely stunning images. Workshop “Treti Pivni” (or third rooster in English) is a team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and promoters who are united in their obvious love for Ukraine and sincere desire to open to the world the beauty and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture. We are certain that they did succeed in doing so through their photography and they continually show the richness of their tradition from different Ukrainian regions.

Now this photo shoot was about Making hats (hand-made) which are called wax diadems (crowns), all this was made for the world chess championship. You can find their team on social networks and ever purchase their photo calendars to support them! h/t:(facebook, instagram)

How beautiful Ukrainian tradition is:

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What do you think?

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