Slavlingo no. 5 [Extra Hard Edition]

mohamed_hassan (CC0), Pixabay

As always, we bring you another Slavlingo series, but this time it’s an extra hard(bass) one! Lets see how you will do this time, and if you do very well make sure to brag about it!

Scroll below and start your Slavlingo quiz!

  • Question of

    1. What does the word “sponzoruša” means?

    • A person in advertising business
    • A gold digger
    • A milf
  • Question of

    2. Which one is “koklja”?

    • Eagle
    • Cow
    • Chicken
    • Cat
  • Question of

    3. Word “vadičep” stands for:

    • A screwdriver
    • A burglar
    • A bottle opener
  • Question of

    4. Word “kalaj” stands for…

    • A type of weapon
    • A type of a vehicle
    • A type of metal
  • Question of

    5. “Zamutit’ ” means to:

    • Stir something
    • Boil something
    • Fry something
  • Question of

    6. Join “šteker” with the right picture!

    • šteker
    • šteker
    • šteker
    • šteker
  • Question of

    7. What does the word “halda” mean?

    • A couple of something
    • A handful of something
    • A pile of something
  • Question of

    7. Word “petrushka” is…

    • A plant
    • A bra
    • An earring
  • Question of

    7. “Ćalabrckanje” means…

    • Swim in shallow water
    • Brush your hair
    • Eat a quick meal

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