6 Interesting Events And Festivals To Attend In Macedonia

…these events should be on your bucket list

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Macedonia is where many unique events and festivals happen. It might sound strange, but below you’ll see what fun and unique things we organized so far. Everything from cultural events to traditional ones – there is something for everyone.

1. Taksirat

Definitely just a plain regular festival. This show event has numerous artists every time and is probably the pillar of what defines an amazing musical event. Thousands of visitors rush to the location since mega-popular stars like Iggy Pop or Kaiser Chiefs and Tricky (among others alike) were once performers. This festival is organized regularly in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, and since people turn upside down, there must be some thrill in the vibe this event gives. Food and drink stalls are everywhere at hand, workshop programs, artistic performances of theatre and arts, groups for movie watching and discussions – you can be busy all the time here. And, it is organized during autumn/winter months, but always there are variations such as the 2018 program that had some different dates.

2. Buskerfest

An event always organized from late Spring until end of Summer, with variations in the dates. Sometimes you can enjoy a dozen days of these in late May or most of the time June, whatever the case, this open-air event is always at the best timing. All people young and old find the time to leave their homes and head to the Skopje City Square. There, sights of fire-breathing, gymnastics, acrobatics, juggling, magic tricks, dancing, silent shows, tightrope walking, extreme acts with chainsaws and knives, and much more can be seen.

3. Manaki Brothers Film Festival

We are proud to say that this festival is on the list of World oldest film festivals. On this event, a celebration is dedicated to cinema artists and cinematographers worldwide, held in the city of Bitola. Right there, in that city, the brothers Manaki Milton and Yanaki (both Vlachs) organized their activities. They both made movies and proudly made documentaries, photographs, and the first motion picture in the period of Ottoman Balkan time, in 1905, made and completed in Avdela (Western Macedonia). When this festival is held yearly, the award for the best motion picture is the special “Camera 300”. Many celebs attended this festival, like; Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Catherine Deneuve, Charles Dance, Daryl Hannah, Michael York, Rade Sherbedzija and more. In this event, you might see every kind of motion picture type from short ones to animations, it’s endless. Plus, the gorgeous Bitola will mesmerize you with its architecture and pleasant looks. At the beginning of Autumn, Manaki Film Festival is organized in September, every year.

4. Ohrid Summer Festival

Another event that is overcrowded with people, every summer in the lovely city of Ohrid, the place of the gorgeous lake and monasteries. People from all around the world come to this city yearly to enjoy all the program events. There is always music and festivals, opera, dancing performances, artistic ones and of course, there must be some theatre performance in the lovely Ohrid Antique Theater. You can see amateurs or professionals, but you will not be bored. Even when the festival is over, you can plan out sightseeing since Ohrid promises a lot with its churches and monasteries.

5. Skopje Jazz Festival

The first time this festival was organized was in 1982, and ever since then, it has been the main focus of all who love jazz, even people from across the globe. Here you have classical jazz, Bossa Nova, Bebop and more. Even more interesting, this organization is a non-profit one or NGO, so the main aim is just to promote and enjoy jazz with a mix of everything: contemporary or renowned as the famous Elias Eliane. A nice event for relaxed conversations, chilling and sipping a beverage while you chat with those around you.

6. Galichnik Wedding Festival

This is one of a kind, unique thing to see. This breathtaking and traditional event takes place in the flawless mountain village Galichnik, in the North West of Macedonia. It is held only once per year, and it lasts for 2 days, in the midst of July. It has a stunning story behind it: back in 20th c. this place had not more than 5000 residents. The younger people moved out slowly to the cities for jobs. So, it was said that one Saturday of a whole year, everyone would return to the village, circa the day of St. Peter. Slowly, many started to get married on this day just to use that short time while in Galicnik, with their families. These days, the tradition is kept – brides wear dresses and jewelry that could weigh even 50 kilograms, grooms are shaven and prepared to take the bride and so on. And the traditional dances and music are almost inducing a patriotic trance.

There are many more of course, but when you decide to visit Macedonia, don’t forget to book some dates of such events : )!

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