Ten interesting facts about Ukraine

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Every country is unique and has some facts about it known to everybody. Let’s take Russia. Everybody knows it’s the biggest country in the world. Hungary has a unique language that doesn’t belong to any other language group. Poland is home to almost a million bisons – the heaviest animal of Europe. Slovakia has the only capital in the world bordering two countries and you can think of an interesting and fun fact about every country. Here is a list of some fun facts about Ukraine that you probably wouldn’t guess.

FACT № 1

Ukraine has a quarter of all black earth on the planet. Black earth is very important in regards to harvesting. This type of soil brings the best harvests and is the easiest to garden. During the second world war German nazi’s used to take this earth out of the country by trains.

FACT № 2

Украинская колядка – “Щедрик, щедрик, щедрівочка” [Рус суб / Eng subs] ✶
“Щедрик” – рождественская украинская народная песня, получившая всемирную популярность в музыкальной обработке Николая Леонтовича. На английском языке известна под названием “Carol of the Bells”. ●▬▬▬▬✶ СЛОВА ✶▬▬▬▬● Щедрик, щедрик, щедрівочка, Прилетіла ластівочка, Стала собі щебетати, Господаря викликати: “Вийди, вийди, господарю, Подивися на кошару, – Там овечки покотились, А ягнички народились.

The most famous Christmas song has a Ukrainian origin. The English name of the song is “Carol of the Bells” but the origin Ukrainian name is “Shedryk”. It was written by a Ukrainian song writer Nikolay Leontovich in 1916. It took Nikolay pretty much his entire life to write this song, he started to work on it in 1901 and then changed some parts of it several times until it was performed in the USA for the first time in 1921 where it became very popular so it was translated into English and became world famous.

FACT № 3

The deepest metro station in the world can be found in Kiev. It is called Arsenalnaya metro station and it goes 105.5 meters underground. You need to take two escalators to get there. It is situated very close to the city center and it is one of the first metro stations built in Kiev.

FACT № 4

The Ukrainian musical instrument Trembita is the longest wind instrument in the world. It is rarely used nowadays in modern music although some Ukrainian singers manage to unite Ukrainian folk music with modern techno sounds. Trembita is the instrument of Hutsuly – the people local to the Carpathian mountains. Although the trempita doesn’t have a very big sound range it’s music is very unique and very loud which helped people in the mountains a lot.

FACT № 5

Khreschatyk – the main street of Kiev so the main street of the whole country is also the shortest main street of a capital in Europe. It is only 1225 meters long. It was built in 1797 but it was completely empty. The first buildings started to appear at the end of the XIX century. Nowadays it has two pedestrian sidewalks on each side with a part for cars in the middle. On Sundays and Saturdays the driving part is closed and people can walk in the middle too.

FACT № 6

The only underwater river was found in the Black sea. It is so big that if it was on land it would be the sixth largest river in the world! Its current is formed by a big volume of water that come through the strait of the Bosporus. With the speed of 22 000 м3 per second the more salty water from the Marble sea flows into the less salty waters of the Black sea.

FACT № 7

Ukrainian McDonalds is one of the most visited McDonalds in the world, nine McDonalds restaurant in Ukraine got to the top 100 of the most visited McDonalds in the world. The McDonalds that stands right in front of the main railway station in Kyiv  was the third most visited out of thirty thousand stores in the whole world in 2010. In 2011 it beat the next record and took the second place out of 33 thousand! The number of McDonalds in Ukraine is growing every year yet it is still often difficult to find a free table at these restaurants. When McDonalds was introduced to Ukraine for the first time in 1997 people had to queue for several hours before they could enter and order a meal.

FACT № 8

The Ukrainian anthem consists of only 6 lines. Many people think that there are four verses and they even know the words. It’s true that these verses exist, the author of the words Pavlo Chubinski and the composer of the music Mikhaylo Verbytski wrote these verses but they weren’t approved as the Ukrainian anthem in the year of 2003 by the Ukrainian government. The dispute started because of the words “Let’s stand, brothers, for the bloody fight from Sian to Don rivers which at modern times are the territories of Poland and Russia. To avoid any conflicts with the neighbouring countries these words were officially taken out of the Ukrainian anthem.

FACT  № 9

The monuments to the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko can be found in 1200 cities all over the world. They can be found in countries close to Ukraine, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Belarus and also countries on other continents such as Canada, Argentina and Australia.

FACT № 10

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe territory-wise and according to some measurement the center of Europe is also in Ukraine, in the small town called Rakhov. The location of the geographical center changes depending on which countries are included in Europe. The biggest discussion is on whether the Russian territory should be included or not. It doesn’t disturb Ukrainians too much and in Rakhov you can find a memorial built specifically to show the geographical center of Europe.

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