The Anniversary of the King of Bohemia, Charles IV.

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On the 14 May it is going to be exactly 700 years since Charles IV., the most famous King of Bohemia, was born. This important anniversary will be celebrated all over the country (and even in Germany) especially on places of the ruler’s interest. But first let me tell you something about the king himself.

Charles IV. was a son of John of Bohemia who died at the Battle of Crécy. After his father‘s death he became the next King of Bohemia. In 1346, he was crowned the King of Romans. After his re-elections he became the sole ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. During his reign Prague became the capital city of his lands. He established the New Town and helped to rebuild the city. After he founded Charles University in 1348, Prague became the intellectual and architectural center of Czech lands. He held patronage over the building of many monuments and buildings in Prague and in other Czech cities amongst which is Charles Bridge, Charles Square and Karlstejn Castle which later became a place of safekeeping for both Bohemian and Imperial crown jewels. For this and his exceptional rule he is considered the father of the country (otec vlasti).

Charles IV. was a literate ruler who gained his education in France. He was fluent in five languages including Latin and Italian. Charles was married four times. Firstly to Blanche of Valois, secondly to Anna of Bavaria then to Anna von Schweidnitz and the name of his last wife was Elizabeth of Pomerania. He died in 1378 and is buried in Prague.

For seven days, Prague will be the centre of Praga Caroli 2016 programme which begins on 14 May. Visitors will enter into the era of the king‘s rule and visit medieval market where they can buy period products while listening to various medieval bands and watching theatrical performances or join the performers in dance.

Countless projects are in process for the anniversary amongst which is the exhibition of a unique replica of crown jewels. Many sights connected with Charles IV. will be open as a part of the celebrations.

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