The Heroines Of Yugoslavia Digital Art By​ Zoran Cardula

In honor of the 8th of March – the International Women’s Day, I present to you my new project “The Heroines of Yugoslavia”. In this way, I want to pay tribute to 91 women, national heroes. Women, fighters, who raised their voices against the occupier, against fascism, and many of them paid their freedom with their own lives. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, they remained forgotten, even with a tendency to completely minimize their struggle. At a time when nationalism, chauvinism, and fascism once again find fertile soil in this region, I wanted with a different artistic approach, to bring them closer to the young population in the style of POP APT.

I want to show them the fight and courage of these powerful women.As a basis, I used the excellent drawings of the academic painter and comics master Zdenko Svircic (1924 – 2016). Among them are the portraits of the youngest women heroes – Fana Kocovska and Ibe Palikuca – joined the partisans with their age of 14 and 15; Darinka Radovanovic – her two daughters were killed in front of her eyes, but despite that she did not say the place where the wounded partisans were hidden; Lepa Radic, – before being hung from the SS troops, she shouted ‘We will win.’ The last heroine who died a few days ago (26.2. 2018) is Danica Milosavljevic, a nurse of the First Proletarian Brigade and a Bomber in the Second Brigade.

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