Slovenians Held The Most Magnificent Car Race Of Our Time: Yugo, Stojadin, Maluch and VW Beetle

On the weekend when memories of Yugoslavia connected the people of the former republics, Slovenian journalists’ colleagues organized a unique car race that ran ex-yu roads writes Buka. Famous jubilant Ciril Komotar, together with the rest of the team, has returned us in a great way in the past. They gathered perhaps the most popular models from the former state and organized a 402 meter race.

The race was attended by Yugo 55 (55 hp), Zastava 101 (55 hp), VW Beetle (34 hp). But there were legendary Zastava 750, Fico (25 hp) and Fiat 126, the famous Peglica (26 hp). While the total romance boosts the Renault 4 TL (34 hp).

Who won it, look at the video.

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