The Top 5 Serbia Breweries You Should Know

Beerieve it or not, Serbia is a land of great craft breweries and each year there are more and more different beer taps around the pubs. Each of them has its own story to be told, so here is the selection of the Top 5 Serbia Breweries you should know. It was difficult to choose, really!

1. Kabinet Brewery

They are the first Greenfield craft brewery in the Balkans. And, they make more than 80 beers in more than 4 years. Their recipes have travelled to 25 countries. There’s even a Pivolada on their list – beer spread (oh yes, your pancakes will like this). Kabinet Brewery makes herbal beers, beers that are brewed with spices, organic beers, even limbic and barrel aged beers! The interesting thing about their beers is that each one has a character of its own. That is why each Kabinet label is done by a different artist. Jaffamania, Disko, Pop my Višnja or the Bad Copy… It’s up to you, but one thing is sure – you will try them and you will buy them for your friends, also!

2. Razbeerbriga

They say RazBeerbriga is a play on the phrase “Raz beer briga,” which translates to “no worries”. Their beers are crafted in a traditional manner, using exclusively natural ingredients: hops, yeast, water and malt (barley, wheat, etc.). What makes some of their beers truly special is the usage of the highest quality hops, grown locally in Serbia. Razbeerbriga craft beer is made in smaller production units, at smaller scales, and therefore offers optimal conditions for an endless and exciting exploration of various styles and recipes. The RazBeerbriga family is made up of four well-known members, each representing its own style and character: Temper (Pale Ale), Bandiera Rossa (Amber/Red Ale), Stalker (Double IPA), and Black Rider (Stout).

3. Dogma Brewery

For founders, Dogma is what they feel when they see you order another round. From regular to seasonal beers, Dogma Brewery has really great selection of it. Probably one of their most interesting beer is Hoptopod – India Pale Ale which is combination of basic and light caramel malts that gives light and dry body, which is supported by strong tropical and fruity aroma. The unforgettable impression! Another stunning beer comes from the seasonal beers selection and that is Ayahuasca, the Jungle Ale. Well, shamans from the Dogma Brewery say that this beer is not for anyone because Ayahuasca could easily take you to the worlds that you didn’t even know that existed. Sounds magic, as this lyana is. Now you wonder what are the magical ingredients of this beer? The answer is juniper grains with a little bit orange bark added to the “whirpool”. Excellent!

4. The Black Turtle Brewery

This is one of the most famous craft breweries in Serbia, and also the oldest. I’m sure that true beer lovers who visited Serbia probably drank their “precious ones” in some of their pubs around Belgrade. Their fruit flavored beers are “top notch” during hot summer days – Blueberry, Strawberry or Lemon, all of them have 4.6 percent of alcohol and are made based on their pils brew with the addition of prepared fruit juices during the conditioning period. And now prepare for the “Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde” beer with an elevated alcohol percentage of 8%. Its name is Amber Abbey and has its origins in medieval Belgium, the first ones to brew it were XV century abbots from small Belgian monasteries. The brew is made exclusively out of the finest imported ingredients, strong and aromatic, reddish in color. A must try!

5. Princ Brewery

The real English ale produced in Serbia? Yes, of course. The Princ Brewery is the only one in Serbia that produce traditional English Real Ale beer. Their beer is even highly valued in the UK! Unfiltered and unpasteurized, the beers are produced from the finest natural ingredients. They are distinguished by the lower content of carbon dioxide compared to standard beers, which is why they do not cause gases in your stomach.  And, whose idea was to transfer some of the English beer culture and tradition to Serbia? Well, Prince Djordje Karadjordjevic with a help of Serbian “beersinessman”.  So next time you visit Serbia, try some Princip, Kruna, Derbi or London beer from this brewery.

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