Things normal people don’t do like Slavs do it

Did you know you are doing these things because you are a Slav?

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Slavs are unique, everybody knows it. Slavs can do things no other nation would risk to do. Moreover, when you talk to the people from out of our world, they cannot hide how surprising our creativity is. Let’s be honest: we are marvelous, but sometimes our capacity of making crazy things is bigger than expected.

1. We can fix every car on Earth

Many years ago famous BBC celebrity of The Top Gear show, Jeremy Clarkson wanted to fix the car. When all of the British mechanics concluded that it is impossible without making a serious investment, Clarkson decided to visit the workshop of the Polish mechanics. They fixed the car and he paid a good price. Clarkson was shocked by the techniques and methods applied by Polish. However, as long as it worked, he was totally satisfied. Remember: if nobody knows how to fix your car, find the Slavs.

2. We know how to fix computers that Americans send to the trash

If you don’t know how to fix your computer, ask Slavs. Next to the Indians, we are famous for being the greatest computer geeks in the world. What makes us different than specialists from the other countries is that we make miracles. Even if you believe that your computer will never work again, give it a chance with the Slavic geeks. It is similar in the case of smartphones. Don’t give up on them too soon! If you need an app, which not available on your phone or you need to fix something and your service told you that it’s impossible… To Slavs impossible is nothing.

3. Our traditional weddings can cost you life

Do you remember the story of a girl in Mexico who accidentally invited an enormous group of people to celebrate her birthday? The old-fashioned wedding parties in traditional areas of Slavic countries look similar. The more guests, food and decorations, the better. The bride must look like from the wedding fashion magazine, but the table is always like from the TV show about cooking. Alright, to be more precise: the table must look like all the dishes from all the TV shows on FoodTV were made for this specific wedding.

4. It will shock you what kind of alcohol we can make

Think about all the plants that come to your mind. If it comes to the mind of Slav, the question is: is it possible to blend it with alcohol? As long as it’s not toxic, we will find the way to make it taste at least acceptable… Sweet, acid, bitter – it doesn’t matter. When you travel through the different Slavic countries you might find the most unexpected flavors… And all you can do is to get the Slavic party started! (oh yeah, you can buy that T-shirt here)

5. Most of us love ski jumping!

Did you know that most of the people on the globe don’t care about ski jumping as much as Slavs? Of course, it is also very popular in Germany, Austria, Norway and a few lesser important countries. However, in Poland, Czech, Slovenia, and several more countries people are crazy about this sport. The athlete from Slovenia, Peter Prevc, became the first ski jumper in history who appeared in 2016 on the third place of the most prestigious list of athletes in the world. Moreover, the final competitions in Planica, Slovenia, are celebrated like it is our regional SuperBowl.

6. We like to mountaineer during the winter on a yearly basis

Denis Urubko, the Russian climber with the Polish passport, said that the ones who climb the Himalayas in the winter times are only Russians, Polish, and freaks. That’s actually true because most of the people are not able to live in the extreme cold for at least a few weeks only because they want to climb the mountain. Currently, the group from Poland (with one native Russian in a team) tries to climb K2. Nobody has reached the edge of K2 during the winter.

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