Meet Anastasia Bryzgalova – Beautiful Russian athlete that made us realize there is a sport called curling

Thanks to her people revealed there is a sport called curling….go figure

Curling is such a boring sport right? I mean who on world would watch that with interest? When did you even see some media even writes about curling? Well turns out Russia saved the day for that sport. Thanks to Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalov, she attracted a lot of attention and her performance in Pyongyang. But it wasn’t the sport or her performance that gathered the eyeballs, it was her stunning beauty. Internet was set ablaze by comments after she hit the the stage. This 25 year old Russian curler won a bronze medal, but let the medal aside she won something more important and that is massive media coverage both for her and her sport. You can follow her on Instagram.

“I thought curling is a sport for bald old men, but Anastasia Bryzgalova looks like Megan Fox and suddenly I like this sport”  ~ said one comment on Twitter


That feel when you watch it on your TV

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