This Is How Slavs Do Their Partying and Drinking

We love to dance, and this i just a small part of what we do

Slavic people are happy and hot-blooded and they love to spend their free time partying and drinking alcohol. We can also say that they are the toughest at that. Alcohol is,  sadly or not, a big part of the Slavic culture. When you meet with friends or go out, alcohol is always present there. When too much alcohol is consumed, many things happen, everybody knows that! But Slavs can do it their way. Here are some hilarious videos about drinking and partying across Slavic lands. The content is not suitable for children and some viewers will consider it primitve and stupid but lets take this as funny and hilarious! Which everybody becomes when they get drunk 🙂

CHEERS! Na zdraví! На здравје! На здоров’я!  Na zdravje! Наздраве! Na zdrowie! На здоровье! Na zdravie!


Siniša Vuco, his stage name being simply Vuco, is a Croatian rock and turbo folk singer and songwriter. Common, recurring themes in his songs include: addiction, alcoholism, love, the past, and suffering. This one “Volim piti in ljubiti” (I love to drink and to make love) is one of his most famous with a funny video.


Polish ethno group Siklawa does not belong among these artists but their video shows us how Polish people, especially Gorals, are having fun with drinking and an angry wife when they have a hangover.


This video is well known to Slavic fans. It shows how Russians and especially Gopniks party and spend good time.


Gjokara i gnjurci is like a turbo folk parody band from Serbia. Here they show how Serbs and also other Balkan people partied in the 90’s.


Slovenia is a rural country with calm and nice people. But when accordion and alcohol come together, it can be really funny.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dubioza kolektiv, is a world famous Bosnian band. The band’s music incorporates various styles including reggae, dub and rock, and makes use of political, dissenting and funny lyrics. In this video shows us how people in Bosnia partying.

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