This Real-Life Rapunzel Alia Nasyrova Has Grown Her Hair To 90 Inches Long

her hair is long more than two meters, and weighs two kilograms

People with unusual hobbies often become the focus of numerous media and the general public, thanks to the Internet we get more and more acquainted with the strange world around us. These days the hobby of Alia Aliia Nasyrova has become a real viral sensation, this Lithuanian born Russian has not used clippers for 20 years, making it the real beauty just like in fairy tales, reports Britain’s The Sun.

Aliia claims that her hair is long more than two meters, and weighs two kilograms, while her husband John Balaban jokingly adds that her hair is a special member of the family and that he is proud of her.

My hair is heavier than our cats ,” says Alia, which hair was inspired by princesses from Disney’s cartoons, and she says she has no intention to cut it off.

Of course everyone is wondering how she takes care of her hair, and Alii reveals to her in order to maintain it she need a whole day, that counts being washed, brushed and dried. More info: Instagram


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