Top 10 Mysteries in Slavic lands, Scientists Still Can’t Solve Them

Slavic lands are and have always been a interesting part of the world

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The world is built on numerous mysteries, legends, and myths, and the human mind was always intrigued by those. It is the mind itself that probably created things that weren’t really there, and searched for evidences or hidden meanings between some events, trying to discover something extraordinary.

As we are all here interested in anything that has to do with Slavs, check out the top 10 list of the mysteries in Slavic lands, and may you mind be both creative and rational.

Tunguska event

While today we wouldn’t find explosions too mysterious (unfortunately), back in 1908 the explosion took place above Siberian forests, that was as powerful as 1000 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Luckily, with no radiation part. Officially, there were no human fatalities linked to this event.

The victims were mostly trees, and probably wildlife, because in these remote area humans weren’t frequent visitors. There were attempts to explain what caused the explosion, but for now, there is no scientifically proven answer.

Dyatlov Pass incident

No matter how much the snow reminds us of Christmas, New Year, presents… after this story the single thought of the snow can make you freeze in bed. The incident, in which nine ski hikers lost their lives under unexplained circumstances (there is plenty of explanations, but none of them is officially confirmed) on the Ural mountain, is named after the group’s leader, Igor Dyatlov. This group of young people was found frozen, their bodies almost naked, and few of them had fractures of chest and skull. While avalanche seemed to be the source of their misfortune, the fact that there were no signs of avalanche on the place where they were found remains.

Rtanj mountain

This mountain didn’t take any life, or at least, not officially, but was rather considered for a life saver back in 2012, when the Mayan calendar announced doomsday. Those were probably the best days for hotels in the area. But, what is it that dragged people here? It is the pyramidal shape of the mountain, that raised suspicion that Rtanj isn’t a mountain at all, but an ancient pyramid, or even a spaceship.

Crooked forest

It’s good that some mysteries are simply mysterious, but not necessarily scary. Crooked forest in Poland consist around 100 pines that are bent to the North. It is not clear if this happened by the hand of the men, or by some natural phenomena. There are other trees, all around the world, that are bent in a similar way, but those were individual cases.


The “Russian Stonehenge” was built around 4000 years ago. Even though there are theories how the city was built, it is still surprising that its architects managed to achieve such high precision which allowed them to track about 18 astronomical events. Scholars say that Arkaim was supposed to reproduce the model of the universe. The locals claim to have seen strange lights in the sky, and felt both positive and negative energies in the near area.


If you haven’t heard about Zrnov fortress, it’s because nobody really talks about it anymore. The medieval fortress on the top of Avala mountain, near Belgrade, was a stronghold that was destroyed in 1934 by the order of king Alexandar I Karadjordjevic. When asked why he ordered the destruction of such important cultural monument of his people, the king simply said that he thought it was made by the Ottomans. This sounds like a quite naive answer, leading to many conspiracy theories, among which is the one with freemasons and search for the Holy Grail. After all, the monument built on the very place where the fortress stood before, has a strangely pyramidal shape.

Book of Veles

The “book” that is actually the set of wooden planks, on which is written the ancient history and religion of Slavs. The book was discovered in 1919, in Ukraine, and was gone in 1941. Most scholars consider this piece for a forgery, because the language in which the text is written appear to be artificial, made by a writer who wasn’t very skilled in ancient Slavic languages, because most of the text can be relatively easy read by modern people. What remains as a fact is that most of ancient Slavic totems are destroyed during the Christianization of Slavs.

Underwater circles in Croatia

The Adriatic sea is beautiful and romantic, you can find anything: from beach parties to ancient towers. Now you have yet another thing to discover: strange underwater circles! It is indeed a mystery, after all, we all know that mysterious circles are supposed to show up in corn fields. Just kidding, of course. It is amazing that 28 perfectly round shapes were discovered only after routine mapping of the depths. All circles are about 300 meters from each other, all of the same size. Is it possible that some extraterrestrial tourists came for vacation?

Codex Gigas

The largest extant medieval illuminated manuscript in the world, also known as “Devil’s Bible” was created in the early 13the century in the Benedictine monastery of Podlazice in Bohemia. It is now held in the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm, but what we can find mysterious is: why isn’t it in the Czech Republic? Why it’s no longer on display for the general public? Who wrote it? The book passed from Czech to Sweden during the Thirty Year’s War, and somehow stayed there. It’s probably no longer on display, because of conditions of storing it needs. And who wrote it? According to the legend, it was written by a monk who had a help from a Devil in order to complete a book in one night.

Holes in Siberia

Losing the land under our feet can be troubling, but is absolutely terrifying when you see a hole that looks as if it was made by giant earthworms. Many of such holes started appearing in Siberia during 2014, for an unknown reason. Some scientists suggest that the phenomena are caused by the explosion of great amounts of methane bellow the surface. The Some others, however, aren’t so convinced, as nobody didn’t really see the explosion, or the collapse of the ground.

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