Top 5 Russian Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

To get your daily dose of Russia over the Instagram network

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Instagram is hot these days, so obviously it is hard to find some worthy content in all that jungle of spam these days. Russians on example have a few really cool Instagram accounts you would probably like. So this is a small list that you should check out as they offer some good information, usual eye candy and they have a pretty active social following.

Russian space corp – Roscosmos

This is absolutley a must-follow account for their amazing eye-candy photography and a glimpse in our Cosmo. These hard-working cosmonauts from the Roscosmos State Corporation never waste their time, they really do deliver with some of the most fantastic photos we’ve ever seen.They make these incredible photos from the The International Space Station and send them to us earthlings to review them over Instagram.

Attractive fit mother of many children – Marina Vovchenko

Mother of many children as they dub her, Marina Vovchenko, has more followers than some celebrities. Reason is her amazing strengths, figure, body and the fact she is in such a shape after a lot of kids. It is mostly a Instagram account for women to admire her being so well shaped and strong after births.

Pretty women in uniforms (and men) – Police of Russia

You must have seen those photos of pretty Russian ladies in uniforms. Well this is the source of them, it is the official Instagram account of “The Police of Russia” where they word hard to show their valuable employees who keep Russia safe. Check their daily stories and photos!

Deadly & fiery eye candy – Art of Military

It would be really strange for Russians not to have a military based Instagram account, this is why they have a account called Art of Military. You can see a lot of eye candy here, new weapons, nice landscapes filled with deadly machines and a lot of firepower. Oh a lot of military actions and training exercises of the Special forces of Russia too.

Most beautiful female doctor in Russia – Victoria Gameeva

Some Russians are lucky and can’t wait to visit a doctor. Mrs. Victoria Gameeva is a probable reason behind this behavior. Some will say she is the prettiest female Doctor in Russia while others will say in the world, but you should check her Instagram page and give a judgment yourself.

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