Where do Slavs migrate the most?

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Slavs are very vocal about immigration, however let us check the overall Emigration map of Europe and see where Slavs migrate the most and in what amount? This is all UN gathered data, so we hope it is correct, while graphics are made by Jakub Marian based on the given info. Data is based on the birth place (not citizenship or ethnicity) meaning on example Ukrainians born in Russia that would move later to Ukraine would count as emigrant from Russia even thought they are ethnically Ukrainian.

Some results may seem rather surprising. Russia is probably not the destination of choice of ethnic Estonians and Latvians; however, both countries have historically had large Russian minorities, which increased in size significantly during the Soviet era and started to shrink afterwards.

Most popular emigration destinations:

  • Russia –> Ukraine
  • Belarus –> Russia
  • Ukraine –> Russia
  • Poland –> Germany
  • Slovakia –> Czechia
  • Czechia –> Germany
  • Slovenia –> Germany
  • Croatia –> Serbia
  • Serbia –> Austria
  • BiH –> Croatia
  • Macedonia –> Turkey
  • Montenegro –> Serbia
  • Bulgaria –> Turkey

Similarly, most emigrants from Bulgaria and Macedonia to Turkey are ethnic Turks. If emigrants to Turkey are excluded, most Bulgarians emigrate to Spain, and most Macedonians emigrate (rather surprisingly) to Switzerland. Or Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia migrations are also result of the local Balkan wars that happened through the nineties.

Finally, the pattern seen in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is quite expected considering they used to be one nation with a highly mixed population until 1990. If we exclude all post-Soviet states, Russians emigrate mostly to Germany and Ukrainians and Belarusians to the United states.

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