Ukrainian Longest Building Called “The Great Chinese Wall”, You Need To Take a Bus For a Few Stops To Reach Its End

Concrete behemoth reaching incredible 3760 meters length…

This is a residential complex in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk, “The Great Chinese Wall” is how local Ukrainians call this incredible building. It was the longest building made in whole of ex-USSR, Europe and probably in the world as well. During socialism and blooming industrialization many people were flocking to from villages to large cities for work, education and similar. The government had to make affordable and large buildings to provide everybody with an apartment, this is how these giants were created.

Its total length, if measured from end to end, is a shocking 1750 meters, but if you will literally count its length with all the turns you get a whooping number of 3760 meters – this is its total length. Local people go from one of its ends to the other by taking a bus ride for a few stops.

Even if this is probably the longest building in the world it is reported that locals living in this house don’t realize this fact, that they’re living in a Guinness record behemoth. – there are no marking on the building itself to inform anyone about this unique detail.

This building is a true horror story for every delivery man making them problems to find an address here, imagine you’re delivering mail and you have to deliver from one side to another.

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