Ukrainian rap group “Griby” and their viral music videos are obliterating Youtube, for a good reason

You watch one of their videos and you’re hooked for life…

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Griby  ( Russian : Грибы; pronunciation: [ɡrʲɪbɨ] , Literally “mushrooms”) is a Ukrainian rap group from Kiev. In 2016, music producer and owner of record label Kruzheva Music Joeri Bardasj started the band Griby. It didn’t take too long until they breached millions of views on their music videos, both because the virallity of their videos and pretty good rap music.

On April 28, 2016, the group published its first clip  Intro  on  YouTube that had one million views in less than a month . The same happened with the second single,  Kopy , which came out in September of that year.

The musical style of Griby is on the cutting edge of hip-hop and house (hiphouse) however it is filled with urban Slavic themed motifs, gorgeous ladies and popular Eastern European culture. The group avoids any contact with the press: they do not give interviews, do not allow themselves to be photographed and strive for anonymity. In their video clips, the band members hide their faces under hoods , fishermen hats and balaclavaa. The video clips of Griby often contain short humorous sketches of vlogger  Kyivstoner, which can therefore be considered as an unofficial member of the group.

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