Bulgaria seized 213.000 Bitcoins worth $3 Billion, They Realized This Could Pay Off 1/5 of National Debt

Crypto currency that could…

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Bulgarian government didn’t have it even in their wildest dreams that BitCoin could help them get out of a national debt and crisis that most post-socialist countries suffer from today. During the standard police action cracking on some local cyber criminals who were to blame for making a ransom virus, they managed to also over size 213,000 Bitcoins.

If you follow the news these days, you are probably bombed with some graphs showing the Bitcoin raising in its value as crazy. They at that point realized they actually sized bitcoin in value over $ 3.2 billion, or more precise almost a quarter of the Bulgarian national debt.

That is how you solve national crisis, technology innovation and seizing bitcoins from criminals! On May 19, European authorities announced that, in co-operation with the Bulgarian authorities, they successfully completed the PRATKA / VIRUS operation in the field of cyber crime. In a statement on the SELEC website (Southeast European Law Enforcement Center, or Law Enforcement Center in South East Europe), a joint operation resulted in the seizure of 213,519 bitcoins.


It is alleged that confiscated battalions were seized from a criminal group composed of Bulgarian citizens with connections in Macedonia, Greece, Romania and Serbia, who are charged with recruiting corrupt officers in all the mentioned countries in order to infiltrate viruses into computerized customs systems. The virus was supposed to allow hackers to bypass all procedures and finish transporting their products across the border so that the burden seems to have already been checked at the border, although not.

Seizure of Bitcoin happened or not?


In last reports by various Bulgarian media there is also a report that there was no Bitcoin seizure as the action was performed by SELEC and for Selec organization ~says Ivan Geshev, the head of the special prosecutor’s office. So obviously where did the 213k Bitcoins go it will be hard to trace from now on but someone will get out of its national debt or just get madly rich! 

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