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Different kind of art, but still beautiful…

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Recently, Instagram became one of the best platforms for artists in various fields to promote their work and get new clients. Tatto artists are not an exception. I follow many tattoo artists on the platform, and not so long ago I realized many of them are based in Slavic countries. Although countless artists perfected their craft to an exceptional level, I will focus this article on those with unique styles. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, or just like to have a daily dose of tattoos on your feed, here are some of the Slavic tattoo artists you should follow.

Magdalena Pliszka

@saveetat ❤️Dziękuję za łapkę 💞 #flowertattoo #electricink #tatrx #tattooistartmag #tattrx#equilattera #thebesttattooartists#goldenpaints #artcollective #savemyink #inkedmag#tattoo2me #artsy #art_collective #art_spotlight #hifructosemagazine #revistazupi #contemporaryart#artistic_nation #paintguide#creativeuprising #illustratedmonthly #beatifullbizarre #paintguide#artstarsmag

663 Likes, 1 Comments – Pliszka | Sketches & Tattoos (@pliszkamagdalena) on Instagram: “@saveetat ❤️Dziękuję za łapkę 💞 #flowertattoo #electricink #tatrx #tattooistartmag…”

Magdalena fuses sketch style with soft watercolor effects to create dreamy and romantic tattoos. Her favorite motifs are nature and female portraits which she completes by using pastel colors. She works at a tattoo studio in Krakow and also regularly attends tattoo conventions all over Europe.

Rafał Makarow

I’m so proud that my Tesla found his brothers 🙂 #copycat #tesla #classic #colorful #design #dziksonstyle #tattoo

2,088 Likes, 84 Comments – Rafał Makarow (@rafal_makarow_art) on Instagram: “I’m so proud that my Tesla found his brothers 🙂 #copycat #tesla #classic #colorful #design…”

Rafał developed his unique style by combining several different things. The base of his tattoos are realistic images which he fuses with a variety of geometric and sketch elements, and bold, vivid colors. He is based in Krakow and is a perfect choice for those who want to get a realistic tattoo with a twist.

Lena Lego

I’m a pickle Tattooed Rick! 🌑

123 Likes, 3 Comments – Lena_Lego (@lena_lego) on Instagram: “I’m a pickle Tattooed Rick! 🌑”

Lena is a Ukranian tattoo artist based in Kiev. She specializes in cartoon style and creates fun, quirky images that stand out in the crowd. If you want to have your favorite cartoon character permanently inked on your body, then Lena is the way to go.

Sasha Unisex

🌸🦄🌸 #peonytattoo #sashaunisex

21.6k Likes, 143 Comments – Sasha Unisex (@sashaunisex) on Instagram: “🌸🦄🌸 #peonytattoo #sashaunisex”

Sasha is a world-renowned tattoo artist, famous for her watercolor style. Contrary to most of the others who specialize in this style, she doesn’t use splashes of color, but rather boxed, mosaic designs. Her biggest inspirations are animals and nature, and she lives and works in Moscow.

Alexander Grim

Thanks, Philipp.

9,257 Likes, 85 Comments – ALEXANDER G R I M (@alexandergrim) on Instagram: “Thanks, Philipp.”

With 150k followers on Instagram, Alexander is one of the most successful artists on this list. That is not surprising, as his intricate blackwork designs are just plain impressing. Most of his works are huge tattoos, where his outstanding attention to detail can fully flourish. He works in Prague, and you could wait quite a bit to book an appointment.

Mariusz Trubisz

at @redberrytattoostudio and @gulestus

1,627 Likes, 9 Comments – Mariusz Trubisz (@mariusztrubisz) on Instagram: “at @redberrytattoostudio and @gulestus”

Linework, minimalism and an occasional splash of color. That would probably be the best description of Mariusz, a famous tattoo artist from Poland. His biggest inspiration seems to be the human form, which he approaches in an innovative yet subtle manner.

Andrea Kopecka

Domov a rodina #workinprogess #expressive #familytattoo #slovaktattoo #slovakfolklore #slovakembroidery #crossstitch #colourtattoo #lines #tattoosleeve #home #tattooidea #roots #slovakiaboy #traditions #origin #folkloreornaments

336 Likes, 3 Comments – FOLKS_concept (@folks_concept) on Instagram: “Domov a rodina #workinprogess #expressive #familytattoo #slovaktattoo #slovakfolklore…”

Andrea has two different Instagram accounts, and I’d like to point out the one she dedicated only to her folk tattoos. These designs are inspired by Slovak folk tradition and art, featuring traditional patterns and images of people in Slovak folk costumes. She mostly works in Bratislava and Prague.

Saso Dudic

I guess it’s true what people say that only time can heal the pain

260 Likes, 2 Comments – saso dudic (@saso_tavcitattoo) on Instagram: “I guess it’s true what people say that only time can heal the pain”

Another artist who combines realism with sketching, geometric and graphic elements, Sasa is the most unusual artist I found in Slovenia. He works in his own studio with his wife, who also has a recognizable style.


Feel you get closer now Closer than you’ve been But I need you in my arms, my eyes, my soul, my sunlit skies Yeah I need you in my arms now Closer than you’ve been I need you in my life, my eyes, my soul, my sunlit skies. (Made in Heighst-Panther)

4,054 Likes, 35 Comments – Ondrash (@ondrashtattoo) on Instagram: “Feel you get closer now Closer than you’ve been But I need you in my arms, my eyes, my soul, my…”

Another Slavic artist with a large following, Ondrash was featured in many established tattoo publications. He experiments with the watercolor style and loves creating positive and colorful images. His portfolio is packed with hundreds of abstract, semi-realistic and symbolic art. He is based in Prague and occasionally works as a guest artist at tattoo conventions.

Timur Lysenko

@eztattooing stuff, @quantumtattooinks , @stasaksonov tattoo machines

3,468 Likes, 25 Comments – [email protected] (@timur_lysenko) on Instagram: “@eztattooing stuff, @quantumtattooinks , @stasaksonov tattoo machines”

Timur has such an elaborate style it is tough to describe. Each of his tattoos is a unique masterpiece, and he does everything from blackwork and realism to surrealism and colorful abstract art. He’s based in Wroclaw, Poland, and is an excellent source of inspiration for every tattoo enthusiast.

Bianka Szlachta

Adventure time for Jin done at @landscapetattoo

1,244 Likes, 8 Comments – Bianka Szlachta (@biankaszlachta) on Instagram: “Adventure time for Jin done at @landscapetattoo”

Bianka is yet another unique artist from Poland, which makes me think that this country is the center of unusual tattoo styles among Slavic nations. She has a very minimalistic approach, using only lines and childlike drawings, mostly featuring cats in human roles.

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