Top 5 Caves in Serbia You Should Visit

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Serbia – you won’t find a smaller country with a bigger number of caves! Believe it or not, there are more than 2.000 caves in this Slavic country, and all of them are waiting to be explored. It was really hard to choose only five caves, but here is the list of the most popular among the Serbs and tourists.

1. Zlotske Caves

Located in eastern Serbia, close to the village of  Zlot, Zlotske Caves are about 240km far from Belgrade.  And why plural? Because there are actually two caves that Serbs consider Zlotske – Lazareva Cave and Vernjikica.

So let start with Lazareva Cave – It is 1.592m long,  and air temperature in this cave ranges from 9-12 degrees Celsius, with relative air humidity of 100 percent. Lazareva consists of two main and a whole series of different cave passages. The passages in the upper part of the cave are dry and passable. On the other side, on the lower floor, you can find the river that flows through.

Tours of Lazareva Cave last about 30-40 minutes.

The Vernjikica Cave is located on the left side of Lazareva Reka canyon, about 1.5km upstream from Lazareva’s Cave. This cave is 1.015m long, the air temperature is between 3-9 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity is also 100 percent. The cave has 11 halls, and the Vilingrad (Fairytown) is the biggest hall, in the area of 2.950m2. There is also a Colosseum hall, which is the biggest hall found in Serbia’s Karst. If you are looking for some remarkable lacework in stone, try with the Gothic Cathedral Hall. The  Temple of Venus, another famous hall, offers so many cave ornaments of white calcite, that will leave you speechless. The central place is held by the Cave Venus, a 3-meter high stalagmite in the shape of a gracious woman.

Tours of Vernjikica Cave last about 3 hours.

2. Resavska Cave

Another treasure from Eastern Serbia! The Resavska Cave is located 152km from Belgrade, near the town of Despotovac. It is one of the most famous caves in Serbia, and the first cave prepared for visits in Serbia. Resavska Cave is 2.850m long, the air temperature is 14 degrees Celsius and the average humidity is about 75 percent.

It consists of three floors of passages and floors, connected by artificial tunnels and decorated by pillars and coral-like calcite deposits in different colors. The first and the second floor are allowed for visits only, while the lower floor is the place where the underground river flows through. Resava Cave is one of the richest in cave ornaments, shapes, and colors, so it is very unique and worth a visit.

Tours of the cave last about 40 minutes.

3. Potpecka Cave

Potpecka Cave is located near the Uzice City, in the village of Potpece,  about 188km from Belgrade.  It is most famous because of the biggest cave entrance in Serbia,  which is huge and horseshoe-shaped – height 50m, width at the base 16m and under the roof over 25m, it is clear why this cave is very unique.

When it comes to the air temperature, it is about 9-10 degrees Celsius and air humidity is 95 percent. Potpecka consists of the three floors of passages, and it is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, coral-like calcite deposits and pillars. The length of the tourist path is 800m, and it rises to a height of 30m and has about 700 steps.

Tours last about 60 minutes.

4. Petnica Cave

Petnica Cave is located in the western part of Serbia, near the city of Valjevo, at the foot of a high limestone cliff. It is about  90km from Belgrade and is worth seeing for many reasons, such as the fact that it was inhabited by the Paleolithic man and it presents a rich archeological in the remains of Ice Age fauna.

Petnica Cave is 500 m long and features several lost rivers. Like the other cave, this one also has a  lot of halls. The biggest one is The Concert Hall, and the daylight filters into it through two openings in the ceiling. The other, Dragon’s Hall, has a pool in it whose water level varies  (it is 20m long,  10m wide and 8m deep).

5. Rajko’s Cave

One more jewel from Eastern Serbia, Rajko’s Cave is located 200km from Belgrade, near the city of Majdanpek. It is a river cave through whose entire length flows the Rajko’s River (Rajkova Reka). This cave is 2.304m long, while the tourist path is 1.410m long. Air temperature is about 8 degrees Celsius and relative humidity is 100 percent.

The cave consists of two physically separated caverns: an underground river channel and a spring cave, both of which have two floors. The Rajko’s Cave has the highest quality of cave ornaments, but also some attractive groupings like The Egyptian Goddess, The Snail, Stump with Mushrooms and Sleeping Bear.

Tours in Rajko’s Cave last about 60 minutes.

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