Vampires – The Scariest Myth That Slavs Left To The Whole World

Still the most popular mystical creature in movies and beyond

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Vampires – Many of you love to watch series and movies based on the supernatural phenomenon. Especially on vampires. “True blood”, “Vampire diaries”, “Penny Dreadful”, and what about the movies. The list is even longer there. Did you know what is the only Serbian word that became international? The word VAMPIR. Why is this important? Because vampires date from this region. In Slavic mythology and Slavic countries, these beings are often mentioned throughout historical stories, tales and even in some documents.

Vampires are creatures, who are feeding with the life energy of living people, mainly with blood. They are dead persons whose spirit stayed in this world and from some particular reasons they became vampires.

Slavs believed that persons soul and body are one in this life, and when somebody dies it means that his soul asunder from his body and leaves for the world of dead, called Nav. After death, for 40 days soul stays in this world, and after that, it goes to Nav. But some evil souls couldn’t access there and they had returned to their bodies, thus becoming vampires.

Also, a vampire could be someone, over whose grave some animal had passed. Usually a cat. In some countries, some people who hadn’t been stung throughout their life is considered potential vampires.

Vampires came out during the night, and are on the hunt until the first roosters crow. Then they head back to their grave and stay until the next night. Often is believed that they appear in the “dead hour” of the night when everything is asleep and evil spirits came out.

Vampires are looking for other people to feed with their blood or someone who had done something bad to them and they want revenge. They often drink the blood of the victim until she dies, but in some cases, they left them in life so that they can come back and feed more.

People who were afraid or had been experiencing some kind of intimidation from this demon used many things to protect themselves. One of the main weapons was the hawthorn stick. Hawthorn is believed to have magical powers and the only way to kill the vampire is to put the stick trough his heart.

Apart from that, garlic was something that vampires don’t like, and many people kept garlic wreath in their rooms or in front of their houses.

Shapes in which vampires appeared were various. From man shape, dogs, wolves, in Serbian culture he could appear during the day as a white butterfly.

Humans could not notice them, but animals who are in that area could sense them, and they would become very disturbed.

Every household had a guard dog, and it is said that the dogs who were the first parturition by their mother are the most sensible ones, and this is why people kept them.

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