Where are Slavs on ‘Gold Reserve’ map of Europe

How wealthy and secure are we really? Some of us not that much it seems

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Gold is the backbone of worlds monetary politics, the sacred metal that started it all. Another map by Jakub Marian was made, so show us how much gold have we been putting aside as a reserve. It will probably shock you when you see the drastic difference between East and West Europe, the clear line of division between two Europe’s can be clearly seen just from looking at this map.

Gold reserves may expand or shrink as central bankers see fit, so differences in the size of gold reserves do not necessarily indicate differences in the wealth of nations.

Who has the most gold among Slavs :

  • Russia – 11.7 grams per capita
  • Slovakia – 5.9 grams per capita
  • Bulgaria – 5.5 grams per capita
  • Belarus – 4.3 grams per capita
  • Macedonia – 3.3 grams per capita
  • Poland –  2.7 grams per capita
  • Serbia – 2.6 grams per capita
  • Slovenia – 1.5 grams per capita
  • Czech Republic – 0.9 grams per capita
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – 0.8 grams per capita
  • Ukraine – 0.6 grams per capita
  • Croatia – 0 grams per capita
  • Montenegro – n/a grams per capita

Most national central banks in Europe hold a large amount of reserves in the form of foreign banknotes and deposits, treasury bills, gold, and other assets, which are called international reserves (or foreign-exchange reserves in popular usage, which, technically speaking, should only refer to reserves held in a foreign currency).

The map shows gold reserves of European national central banks in grams per capital as of May 2017; that is, if a central bank were to distribute the gold it possesses to all inhabitants of the country equally, every inhabitant would receive the amount shown in the map.

In other words, in case of a worse case scenario like catastrophes, world wars or other havoc situations some of the Slavic (and Eastern European) countries wouldn’t have any viable gold reserves to sustain and survive hard times over a longer period during any kind of catastrophes, recessions, wars and similar. Better start stashing that gold as soon as possible Slavs.

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