Russian Security Guard Bears An ‘Uncanny Resemblance’ To Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian ‘doppelgänger’ sets internet alight

Photo: Sean O' Donovan / Twitter

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous Hollywood actor known for his good acting in movies, on example his last movie The Revenanat for which he received an Oscar award. Movie was filmed in harsh wilderness during a period of eight months, he had to maintain a long beard and a lot of other cosmetic changes for the movie role. This is why people were shocked when they saw a Russian security guard that looks just like Leonardo DiCaprio, everybody wondered “is this his new role?”.

The photo popped up on twitter and everyone wondered if this is how 41-year-old star would look like if he didn’t find success as a movie star. If life turned hard on DiCaprio, he also would be just like this Russian policeman, a bit more overweight doing his daily shift. It is even funny how DiCaprio and the Russian policeman have the same facial expression and their face shape is almost identical. Policeman hasn’t been identified yet, too bad as maybe DiCaprio would employ him as his doppelgänger.

Some witty twitter comments were seen also:

Another continued the theme, saying: “Leonardo DiCaprio takes method acting very seriously as he prepares for his next role as a corrupt Russian official.”

Some commented how dedicated he is to the new role:

One commenter, Anna Tsypkalova, said: “Leonardo DiCaprio spends his spare time getting bloated on the drink and working for the Russian Ministry.”

Also it is cleary one would find a lot of Russian twins of Leonardo, just look at the resemblance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Lenin.

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