You Liked ‘My Słowianie’ Video? Check Croatian Folk Twerk by Sarah Seifert

Let us be honest, our ancestors were no holly saints anyway.

On a talent show young Sarah appeared with a somewhat different talent than the other contestants. This talented young Croatian girl managed to win the likes of the British media and other world known media, but in her home country a lot of accusations and bad words were thrown her way. After she realized that the media had begun to make her and her story famous Sarah was crying out of luck.

“I thought that after my appearance in the show the prejudice would disappear, but there is always someone on the side who will talk about you. I totally appreciate the opinions and most on these negative comments and I’m just doing it in spite to those who think this is just booty spinning ~ said Sarah to

No wonder the public can hardly wait to see what Sarah is cooking next to post on her Instagram profile, it will be something very hot we guess. There are also those who shudder over her talent. One of them is a member of the Jury, but the negative comments on her are just an extra wind in the back of a young folk twerker.

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