Ols – Wiedźmowa (Official Music Video)

Ols is a one-woman project created out of my love for nature. My music and lyrics, as well as visualizations, always refer to nature and they presenthuman being as an element of nature, one of the participantsof eternally repeating cosmic cycles.

Listeners perceive my works as thoroughly pagan and Slavic, and although no names of deities nor demons are ever mentioned, the Slavic spirituality is clearly indicated. My understanding of nature has many points of contact with traditional beliefs and I often express my conviction that the powers of nature are worthy of all admiration and that observing natural transitions is the basis of any spiritual experiences of man.

This is the leitmotif of all traditional religions and mythology, which is why I would like to go deeper, beyond local pantheons and demonologies, to the deepest, universal layers of these beliefs, where the powers of nature and basic cosmic laws are hiding behindthe masks of gods and demons.

Of course, I’m deeply into our indigenous Slavic culture and folklore, which is why I’m eager to use its resources, but I do not copy nor reconstruct – I creatively use traditional motifs, combining tradition with a modern approach.References to the traditional understanding of natural phenomena appear in all my works.

In my songs, I use traditional folk instruments – Ukrainian sopilkas, Carpathian overtone flutes, all kinds of traditionalpipes, drums, trombites, etc. I also use polyphonic singing, loosely referring to the tradition of Orthodox Church and even older tradition of folk many-voiced singing, which gave the basis for creatingsubsequent sacred orthodox music.

The references to Slavic culture present in my works are ubiquitous, but I prefer not to present them in a direct form, which seems too obvious for me. I will never write a song about Perun and Veles, because I think that what’s hidden under the names of deities is much more interesting. I would like to look deeper, in searching of the most primeval layer. There you can discover general truths, which are easy even for modern humansto identify with, without pretending that we live in the Middle Ages and without giving up our modern, scientific approach to the world. This approach also enables the promotion of Slavic culture among people from other cultural circles, because when reaching universal meanings, we gain cross-cultural understanding.

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