10 “How to Date a Slavic Girl” Tips

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Now this is one of those stories for ex-pats that come to live in Slavic lands, many of them have grown up in other colonial countries like USA, Canada, Australia and then they suddenly inherit something from their relatives in Slavic country. Many do test themselves and decide to go live there, but that is where the trouble comes as they start to live in a culture where some things go different. Slavic countries are Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine and by ‘Slavs’ as an ethnic group we mean exactly on them. Since 6th century these Slavic peoples have spread further east into the Russian sub-continent and south into the Balkans and after all this time they have remained as one of the prettiest groups among human population. So naturally due to that some of you might fall in love with a Slavic girl and these are few tips you need to handle it right:

1# Don’t live together immediately! 

First you want to adjust in the country, get comfortable and later spontaneously you can get to phase of moving in together.

2# Learn the native language asap!

Everybody speaks English today, so talk to them and learn some words.

3# Meet her friends!

No one will help you more out then her and her friends when you move in.

4# Hangout with local people, not ex-pats!

You better integrate with locals and get them to embrace you or you are toasted and no good for them.

5# Embrace the Slavic culture!

Watch local movies, listen to local music, do things with the locals, after all: “when in Rome…”

6. Start loving the local Slavic food!

We believe there will be no problem with this!

7. Get up, explore the country!

Hey these are magnificant lands we are talking about so explore and learn!

8. Don’t just teach English as a job!

It’s maybe easy but don’t go the mainstream ex-pat route, try something else!

9. Learn from mistakes of your ex-pat friends!

Better on their mistakes than your own when it comes to dealing with other culture.

10. You better start loving the country you are in now! 

Because it’s just the way it is, make it feel as your own home and she will love you! Hope these things helped out a bit! 🙂

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