10 Locations in Poland That Will Make You Go Crazy About It

Just a fragment of Polish beauty, but it’s worth to check it out

PRZEMKO (CC0), Pixabay

Poland, oh the great land of Slavs that hides it’s beautiful nature like a true treasure that it is! The more we explore it, the more unusually amazing places we discover in Poland, and we can’t understand why some of these places aren’t like world top destinations already because they sure deserve to be! This large country that lies in central Europe and is a part of European Union can really brag about itself, you will soon understand why.

Nice green nature, high mountains, castles, great food and happy people is what Poland is about and if you didn’t visit it already better get your luggage ready and travel with us as we explore these 10 awesome Polish locations for you adventurers:

1. Czocha “Hogwarts” Castle

2. Market Square of Krakow, Poland.

3. Amazing Morskie Oko Lake 

4. Teutonic Knights Castle Malbork

5. Mesmerizing Tatra Mountains

6. Old castle in Karkonosze Mountains

7. Lake Wielki Staw Polski

8. Beautiful city of Gdańsk, Poland

9. Aerial view of Pomerania, Poland

10. Crooked forest Poland

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