10 Things That Mean You Are Bulgarian

There are some things that show you were born and raised in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria – There are many nations on the Balkans each with its own special character features. But among all of them, Bulgarians are the ones most recognizable people living here. These are 12 things that prove you are born and raised in Bulgaria.

As all nationalities you will see our beloved Bulgarians also have fun in their life when they find themselves out in the multicultural world and start to realize their own differences.

We just love Roses in a obsessive way

We are on the first place in the world producing Rose Oil, Bulgarian Rose water, Rose oil creams and other types of cosmetic products. Bulgaria export its production to different countries. France which is well known for its perfumery industry is Bulgaria’s biggest client of rose oil. We also export to other European countries, the USA, Japan and China.

We believe that every successful person is some kind of criminal

Almost every successful person in Bulgaria is considered to be hustler or mugger or involved in money laundering or in some kind of schemes. And we, ordinary people, are always fucked up by fate. That is why we seek wonder in the National Lotto where in 20 years we have played all the possible combinations of our birth dates, the birthrates of our children, the date of our marriage and other sacred numbers.

We are proud of our history

Bulgaria has a wonderful, rich history which fascinates the world and ourselves as native Bulgarians. We have archaeological sites, monuments and churches which still tell stories about our great past. Bulgarians are very proud of it. If you ask a Bulgarian about the history of the country, they will tell you stories of their ancestors, stories about wars and battles, in which fighting for the freedom of their land, they left their homes, families, wives and children.

We are masters of crashing all mathematical logic

Bulgarians have unique powers of spending more money than they actually earn. We have the latest models of mobile phones, our salaries are lower than the cost of the clothes we wear and we always complain about the lack of money to cover our expenses. We have a phone for 500 euro but when we have to call someone…Let’s use Viber – it is free!

When you see politicians as the worst creatures in the Universe

When you meet Bulgarian be prepared in two areas – politics and football. We are experts in all areas but do not argue with us when we talk about the next elections or the Euro Cup.

Waiting with bags full of chocolates in front of the doctor’s office

It is a common thing to see a person with a bag of wine, chocolates or even meat waiting for their doctor. It is some kind of tradition which says: “Always bring something to the people who treated you in the hospital.”

Bulgarians have three sacred dates – 15th, 30th and 8th

If your boss pay you a part of your salary on the 15th and the rest of it on the 30th you are considered to be a very happy person. Around the 8th of the next month someone send you some jars with homemade food,called zimnina ?! Then you are the luckiest person ever!

We use “opa” to apologize

We use “opa” instead of sorry to apologize to someone we just pushed on the street, for example. You know, it is more simple and easier than pronouncing the whole long and complicated Bulgarian word for “sorry” (????????/?????????).

We are experts in all ares

We are masters of everything – from building towers and buildings to inventing machines and crashing mathematical tasks. We may not have education or experience in these areas but sure we can do everything.

Traveling without a ticket

We have many funny stories to tell about this lady who caught us in the bus when we were traveling without ticket. Sure you can afford buying one, but sometimes it is funnier to pretend that you are not Bulgarian, speaking some kind of foreign language, to be asleep or feel sick at the moment you see a ticket inspector coming towards you.

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