Map of most popular “male names” in Slavic countries

If you ever go to these Slavic countries there’s a big chance you’ll meet them

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Slavic Europe – Have you ever wondered which are the most popular names in Slavic countries? Yanko Tsvetkov did a research and found answer in this Wikipedia article. Unfortunately that wikipedia article looks like a mess so this is why a map display of that info a better choice. This wikipedia info is complied from many different sources and over a long period of years but there was no info on Montenegro.

Many surprising things came from this map such as the fact that in some cases one name is most popular in several Slavic countries. What could be the reason to that? These are not scientifically accurate in maps, so take it lightly.

Most popular names in Slavic countries:

  • Russia – Aleksandr
  • Belarus – Vladislav
  • Ukraine – Oleksandr
  • Poland – Jakub
  • Slovakia – Jakub
  • Czechia – Jan
  • Slovenia – Luka
  • Croatia – Luka
  • Serbia – Lazar
  • BiH – Amar
  • Macedonia – Aleksandar
  • Montenegro – n/a
  • Bulgaria – Georgi

Alexander, Luka and Jakub seem to be very popular names among Slavs in many countries. They are dominating in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia  and… Macedonia.

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What do you think?

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