What happens when MythBusters Jamie Hyneman visits Russia?

No there was no explosions this time, sorry, but it was still fun.

Russia – Jamie Hyneman the Co-host of the famous show “Mythbusters” has visited Russia and shared his impressions from his trip on Instagram. He said his trip was amazing and interesting part is that he apparently speaks and writes Russian. Photos he leaves by show us that he visited St.Petersburg, Siberia, Central Russia and that he was a host of few events in Russia.

One of Jamies comments was aimed at his own Russian:

I read from comments that my Russian language is not very good. I know that. I studied Russian language more than 35 years ago. I almost forgot it. I almost never used since then. I didn’t have to. So, I’m sorry.

Now let’s see what happens when Mythbusters and Russia meet:

Или это от субмарины, или это советской видеоигра. Either this is f a submarine or it’s a Soviet video game.

A photo posted by Jamie Hyneman (@therealjamiehyneman) on

A photo posted by Jamie Hyneman (@therealjamiehyneman) on

Красивый день в Петербурге на Невской проспекте.

A photo posted by Jamie Hyneman (@therealjamiehyneman) on

This trip looked nice!

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