10 Things That Mean You Are Polish

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Did you ever wonder what makes a person Polish? We mean, what are those little things that all Poles go through in life, that on end marks them as Polish. You know, we all have our little national quirks and funny little things that we joke “oh that’s only happening here man”. So what you are about to see is just some of those things that Poles know for themselves, or some know but aren’t aware of it yet. But for you that want to become Polish (by marriage maybe) or you have some Polish friends or relatives, read this to know their troubles!

As all nationalities you will see our beloved Poles also have fun in their life when they find themselves out in the multicultural world and start to realize their own differences.

1. When no one knows how to pronounce your Polish name or surname.

2. When you sing for 1000th time “Sto Lat” on your families birthdays.

3. When you see Kielbasa as most perfect form of sausage.

4. When your family after some good food and drinks start to Polka on.

5. When you are stubborn even when you are not right (those Slav genes)

6. When you see Pierogi as the most perfect form of potatoes.

7. When you have picture of John Paul II in your house.

8. When you post on internet forums how awesome Hussar Winged cavalry were.

9. When you have the most complicated Language

10. Because you’re incredibly proud to be Polish.

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