Tsar Nicholas II Showing You How To Tsar

jackmac34 (CC0), Pixabay

Did you ever want to be a Emperor? To rule a wast land? To conquer others? To rule huge army? To have riches beyond anything imaginable? To have only the nobles and rulers of European countries to be your closest family and guests? Well Tsar Nicholas had that all, and seems that power did not corrupt him or his spirit. In fact as revealed by one blogger sancane that collected his personal photos, it seems that Tsar Nicholas was actually such a cool person it’s hard to believe.

Most people would feel self righteous, self important and greedy having that sort of power but hey this is how a real Tsar does it. Light, happy and with style! You can even be a plane on other officials when you are a Tsar:


Royal family photos? No problem we’ll make the best pose:


Serious photos? No thanks, i’m a Tsar!


How about we do some Street Workout?


You won’t see him being grumpy or unhappy on his photos:


This is what we call Royal Peekaboo or Emperor Photo Bomb:


Levitating photos seemed to be popular among the high Royality:


What do you think, were these the best Emperor royal photos ever?

What do you think?

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