10 Things That Mean You Are Serbian

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Did you ever wonder what makes a person Serbian? We mean, what are those little things that all Serbs go through in life, that on end marks them as Serbian. You know, we all have our little national quirks and funny little things that we joke “oh that’s only happening here man”. So what you are about to see is just some of those things that Serbs know for themselves, or some know but aren’t aware of it yet. But for you that want to become Serbian (by marriage maybe) or you have some Serb friends or relatives, read this to know their troubles!

As all nationalities you will see our beloved Serbs also have fun in their life when they find themselves out in the multicultural world and start to realize their own differences.

1# You have a Kosovka Devojka goblen hanging on your wall

2# At your wedding the first song is always “danas majka zeni svoga sina”.

3# At least one of your friends name is “Dragan”.

4# You drive a nicer car than your parents.

5# There is a 120-gallon barrel of wine and Cabbage in your garage.

6# You started to drink at the age of 12

7# Your mother insists that you must eat something with “kasika” at least several times a week

8# A Serb girl tries to look 23 but she’s actually 15.

9# You are freaked out by ‘Babaroga’

10# You know you’re Serbian when you don’t work and you go shell out $300 easy on the weekend

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