20 Facts About Serbia That You Didn’t Know

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Serbia is a land that also has it’s secrets and unknown facts that might spark an further interest to research about her. So naturally as we cover all Slavic countries so we covered Serbia as well, in hope you will visit Serbia and enjoy it. What you are about to see is 20 facts about Serbia that you didn’t know for sure (except if you are Serbian). So if you are one of those that didn’t really had a chance to study about Serbia this fact list about this interesting country might spark an interest to learn more about it.

These facts about Serbia will show you their scientific, historical, actual, geographical and other interesting information! You can even leave a comment if you think something interesting about Serbia should be included. So here are some cool 20 intriguing facts about Serbia, check them out below:

#1 Fact – First Celts > Romans > Slavs

#2 Fact – Those raspberries you are eating are Serbian!

#3 Fact – Serbia is a coffee heaven

#4 Fact – Devil dwells in Serbia

#5 Fact – Dinar is their currency

#6 Fact – One country, two official flags

#7 Fact – Football fanaticism

#8 Fact – Duck hunting on town square

#9 Fact – Landlocked by neighbors

#10 Fact – Centuries old manuscripts

#11 Fact – All those Roman emperors are from there.

#12 Fact – God save the Queen

#13 Fact – Border builders

#14 Fact – Serbia on video transmission

#15 Fact – Gigantic churches

#16 Fact – Early settlers

#17 Fact – War made towers

#18 Fact – Medieval architecture

#19 Fact – All that electricity

#20 Fact – “Buffy the Slayers” paradise

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  1. Well, Tesla was a Serb born in Austro-Hungarian Empire, lived and died in America, and has nothing to do with Croatia.
    I was born in Yougoslavia. He was born in Austro-Hungarian Empire. Those facts me or you can not/should not change.

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