10 Things That Prove You Are Montenegrin

Do you ever wonder what are main traits of a Montenegrin?

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Montenegrins are known to be very proud and brave. They were the only Balkan state that resisted the Turks and by doing so they have inspired many writers and poets like Alfred Tennyson or Alexander Pushkin to write about them and about their courageous struggle for freedom. They were mostly famous as great warriors that live in the extraordinarily beautiful and wild land. In this article, we will name ten other characteristics of a true Montenegrin that you are probably not so familiar with.

You constantly complain about how bad your country is, but once some foreigner says that your country sucks, you want to fight them

It is very common among Montenegrins to complain about the state of things in their country, whether it is about politics, economy, environment or something else. But Montenegrins are very proud, and hate it when some ”outsider” criticizes them, and if someone does that, they have to be ready to get punched in the face.

One of the first things you ask a new person you meet is what clan are they from and you form an opinion about them based on that

When two people meet in Montenegro, usually one of the first things they ask is what clan the other person is from, since every clan has some traits. This is how a Montenegrin form an opinion even before he really gets to know someone. Funny thing is that these clan traits are correct in most cases, even though everyone thinks that this way of thinking is outdated.

You have relatives living in Western Europe and you can always rely on them helping you

In the ’90s when Yugoslavia was under sanctions and in early 2000s a lot of people left Montenegro in search for a job and economic and social security. Most of them fled to the Western European countries like France, Germany, Switzerland or to Scandinavia. The ties in Montenegrin families are really strong so the distance does not really matter and they help each other as much as they can.

You keep complaining about how much work you have to do

Every time you run into someone, they will complain about how much they have been working today and how much they still have to do. But, in reality, they spent most of their time drinking coffee or beer in some cafe. Most of the employed Montenegrins have 2-3 effective hours of work per day. Montenegrins are not lazy, they just really like to sit back and enjoy.

You go to college just to have an excuse for not having a job

One of the main Montenegrin characteristics, is that they mature late, and they are best described by the expression ”late bloomers”.A lot of young people in Montenegro decide to go to college, even though they do not plan to actually get a job that has something to do with their degree. They simply think that this is the best way to enjoy partying and ”freedom” for a couple of years more, before they end up having some boring regular job.

Whenever you go somewhere abroad, you are the tallest person around

Montenegrins are known as a really tall nation with the average men height being around 183 and they are the second tallest nation in the world, with Netherlands in the first place with only 0,6cm more.

You are an ‘‘expert’’ on politics both Montenegrin and international

Everyone in Montenegro knows a lot about politics, and everywhere you go, you will hear people talking about politics Montenegrin or International. People are really into it and for example, Montenegrins probably discussed American elections more than the people in the USA did.

You earn 400€ and spend 1000€, no one can explain how. It is just like magic.

The Government officials claim that the average salary is around 500€, but in reality that is not the case. Average salary is probably somewhere between 350€ and 400€ and it that is not enough even to cover bills and rent. But somehow, everyone in Montenegro not only manages to survive but somehow they all drive expensive cars and wear expensive clothes and manage to go out all the time.

You gamble and know teams from Belarusian 3rd Division

Montenegrins are very talented and passionate about sports, and they know everything about many sport, but football is their favorite sport. But everyone in Montenegro gambles, men, women and even minors (the fact that it is prohibited by law does not really make any difference). Every pub or cafe has a gambling machine and in order to place a bet, you must wait in line for a really long time.

You have gusle in your house.

Gusle are a national instrument in Montenegro and every household has them. There is even a national saying that a household that does not have gusle is not a true household, and that host is not a true host.

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