Where are Slavs on “Gun Ownership” map of Europe?

We Might Be Wilder Than Wild Texas and Its cowboys after all

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When you think of high amount of guns, you probably think of United States, their Texas and all the gun control issues they have. However we are not that behind at all, we have our own wild Texas states among Slavs too. Out of Slavs in Europe, Serbia is the highest one with gun ownership having around 0.46 guns per capital (in comparison to United States which has 0.89 guns per capital).

The map was made according to this table by The Washington Post (which serves as the basis for the the given map) However please do not take everything as written in stone, all of the figures below should be taken with a big pinch of salt. These numbers are based on some estimates (because some countries don’t require registration of guns, and there are many unregistered guns even in those that do) meaning in some countries there might be much more guns then registered.

Who has the most guns among Slavs :

Points meaning: 100 (highly gun amount) to 0 (low gun amount)

  • Serbia – 37.8 points (high amount of guns)
  • Macedonia – 24.1 points (medium amount of guns)
  • Montenegro – 23.1 points (medium to low amount of guns)
  • Croatia – 21.7 points (medium to low amount of guns)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – 17.3 points (medium to low amount of guns)
  • Czech Republic – 16.3 points (medium to low amount of guns)
  • Slovenia – 13.5 points (medium to low amount of guns)
  • Russia – 8.9 points (low amount of guns)
  • Slovakia – 8.3 points (low amount of guns)
  • Belarus – 7.3 points (low amount of guns)
  • Ukraine – 6.6 points (low amount of guns)
  • Bulgaria – 6.2 points (low amount of guns)
  • Poland –  1.3 points (low amount of guns)

Basically this means Serbia has 37.8 guns per 100 inhabitants while Poland has 1.3 guns per 100 inhabitants. What do you think why are there such drastic differences between South, West and East Slavs and gun ownership?

This study and this map by Jakub Marian was from 2016. we can hope that actual modern status of guns ownership among Slavs is lower today. If not our governments will have to make a better effort to register all the weapons in their states and create better civil and legal rights of their citizens to lower the need for such items.

What do you think?

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