20 Facts About Belarus That You Didn’t Know

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Many mistake Belarus for a region of Russia (or Russian federation), it is probably because it’s name contains “Rus”. It’s a large beautiful country and yes it has a lot of connections to Russia, from similar language (Slavic branch) to cultural, religious, architectural and similar aspects.  Still it is a different country and we will open your eyes now. We could describe relationship of Belarus and Russia as Ying and Yang of Slavic culture. Russia is the big brother, imperial, strong and sometimes very vibrant like Slavic spirit, while it’s western brother Belarus is the other side of the Slavic character such as calm, clean, peaceful and in a state of eternal tranquility. It’s capital Minsk is ready for your visit to Belarus, but before that let us see what Belarus is really about:

1# Geographically Belarus is located between Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia and it has over 9.5 million inhabitants.

2# You never see a flat country like this one. The highest mountain in Belarus is Mount Dzyarzhynskaya with it’s amazing 346 meters of height.

3# They love cheese products in Belarus and they make it pretty delicious!

4# Minks is the eternal city, it has been annihilated in 8 occasions in turbulent European history, and every time it was rebuilt like Phoenix!

5# Minsk is older than Moscow, in fact oldest historical records mention it even in 1067. The capital, Minsk, is older than Moscow.

6# Their most important national holiday is Freedom Day on May 9. They celebrate the end of the German Occupation during WW2.

7# Belarus has it’s Nobel winner, her name is Svetlana Alexievich and she got her Nobel in 2015. for her work in literature.

8# This is the land of potatoes, because their national cuisine has over 300 potato recipes! Hell they even make pancakes from potatoes!

9# IT sector in Belarus is getting pretty strong and you are using some apps that you have no idea they originate from Belarus. Viber app, or game like World of Tanks!

10# Isaac Asimov, American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books was born in what was Belorussian territory.

11# First football match was against Lithuania on July 20, 1992!

12# Famous people like Ralp Lauren, Kirk Douglas, Marc Chagall and Olga Korbut are all originating from Belarus!

13# Highest FIFA rank of Belarus was 59th while their highest position was 57th. But they would kick your a** in Gymnastics, Kettle-bells and acrobatics.

14# President Alexander Lukashenko has led the country since 1994.

15# 1996 Belarus has been negotiating with Russia to unify into a single state called the Union of Russia and Belarus.

16# BATE Borisov became the first team from Belarus to make it through to the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.

17#  In a referendum in 1995, Russian was adopted as an official language along with Belorussian.

18# Belarus is the only European country that still has death penalty.

19# Belarus is the 86th most populous nation on our beloved planet earth.

20# Over 40% of Belorussian territory is covered in forests, this is why they have a green stripe on their flag.

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